Fight Terror 2

Fight Terror 2

Defend the peace and fight terrorists to clean the city
Clean the city by annihilating the terrorists that spread terror in the city and its suburbia. Equip yourself with a C4 explosive or use a pistol and kill them one by one. Avoid the civilians and carefully navigate between them to avoid being shot. Gather as many points as you can to be in the leaderboards.

Fight Terror 2 is a free war game, it is a sequel of Fight Terror.
The main objective of this game is to defend people against several groups of terrorists. You are on their ground and must destroy them using a great variety of weapons and ammo.
Your enemies attack you permanently and there are many kinds of them with different skills. Some of your enemies are Taliban troops, mafia troops , ninjas and aliens, each of these with their own kinds of weapons. Get in the action and try to stop these terrorists from obtaining their goal, and maintain the world peace!
Through the fights, you will be able to gain some bonuses to get better skills and get more power.
You have an option to post your score in the web if yours is among the top 10 scores, for other players around the world to see it.
The game has good graphics and it is excellent for playing at work, so you can forget the daily routine. Fight Terror 2 even has a boss key that will minimize the game window when pressed.
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Guzman Gonzalez
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  • Easy controls
  • Boss Key
  • Good Graphics


  • Slow action
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